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item imageMulti-age classroomsMontessori classrooms are designed to encourage collaborative learning and develop leadership skills through a 3 year cycle with the same teachers.
item imageSelf-driven lessonsLessons are delivered 1:1 from teachers that know each individual student and their learning style and abilities, empowering students to follow their passions and learn at their maximum plane of development.
item imagePassionate learningStudents are encouraged to follow their passions and pursue their favorite subjects as far as their love of learning will take them.
item imageSense of communityMontessori students come from all nationalities, races and religions. The Montessori classroom is free of the many social pressures allowing to nurture the child's social, emotional, and physical needs.

Montessori School in Beavercreek, OH

Inspiring children to learn, play, and develop essential skills for success in life is our mission at Creative World of Montessori, Beavercreek. When you're looking for professional, qualified, and trusted child care and Montessori School in Beavercreek, OH, you've come to the right place. 

With a focus on hands-on, in-person learning, our school also offers 5-day, full-time instruction. While other schools may be switching to a virtual learning model, we believe the most constructive learning opportunities happen with direct interaction between student and teacher. Our small class sizes allow us to keep your child's safety as a top priority while still providing an excellent education. 

At our daycare center, we aim to break down the boundaries of traditional daycare by opening up possibilities to a new and exciting approach to your child's development. We've designed an effective curriculum where students are encouraged to develop essential social and academic skills through hands-on class experiences and group activities. From six weeks up to kindergarten, students can learn in a comfortable, safe environment with age-appropriate curriculum taught by experienced, highly-qualified teachers. Convenient after-school activities allow them to further their academic track while continuing to build on their social skills.


  • After School - Individualized homework assistance and activities designed for building character development are for students ages 5 to 12. Students learn how to develop civic responsibility of becoming a valuable community member and can participate in various games which promote math, literacy, speaking, and listening skills.
  • Infants - Children age six weeks to 18 months are introduced to the world around them in a teaching environment that is predictable, calm, responsive to their individual rhythms, and stimulating to their senses.
  • Preschool - Preschoolers from age 3 through kindergarten develop the academic and foundational social skills necessary to be successful in school and in life. Students are introduced to the alphabet and to basic beginner writing skills.
  • Toddlers - Children from age 18 months to 3 years old learn with hands-on activities and through creative learning experiences through puzzles, matching games, joyful music, and simple props while crawling, climbing, and running.

For a dynamic head start to your child's education through our award-winning programs, stop by Creative World of Montessori, Beavercreek today or call (937) 426-2907 to schedule a tour.

"The absorbent mind”

During these years the student develops self regulated behavior, concentration, independence, confidence and an interest in learning about his/her world.

  • Prepared environment with beautiful and child appropriate materials for math, language, sensorial and practical life areas.
  • Extensive work in Practical Life and Lessons in Grace and Courtesy that develop coordination and independence.
  • Daily enrichment activities in art, creative movement, Spanish and yoga.

“The reasoning mind”

Thirst for knowledge, power of imagination, morality and what society (the child’s own group) considers to be right and wrong, collaborative projects.

  • Integrated curriculum beginning with the Five Great Lessons. The Great Lessons capture the imagination and connect the disciplines
  • Student led research projects
  • Authentic advanced Montessori materials in all areas of the curriculum
  • Field trips that enrich current studies and promote community involvement
  • Outdoor gardening experiences led by Wellness Coordinator

Abstract thinking


Students in this stage move from concrete representation to abstract thinking. They bring order to various disconnected facts and are able to think hypothetically.

  • Montessori materials and technology that support more abstract thinking
  • Independent and collaborative research projects that expand on core academic skills
  • Group initiatives and community outings
  • Service learning projects that support local charities
  • Integrated curriculum where students develop time management skills

Abstract reasoning


During these years of development, adolescents experience significant cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and moral growth. The three most significant areas of intellectual development at this time are: metacognition (the ability to think about one’s thinking), hypothetical reasoning (the ability to consider the “what ifs?”), abstract reasoning (the ability to grapple with enormous complex concepts such as democracy, revolution, and integrity.

Enrichment programs


Students have access to a dynamic after-school enrichment program that exposes them to additional lessons in music, dance, martial arts, theater, gymnastics, Spanish, STEM, art and other activities as an extension of their everyday curriculum.

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